Greek News Agenda is an online English language platform originally launched by the Secretariat General of Information and Communication of the Hellenic Republic. The platform offers news, analysis and interviews that showcase political, economic, business, social and cultural developments in Greece.

Greek News Agenda aims to inform the international public about developments in Greece, provide factual input to analysts and journalists, offer views on contemporary policy and intellectual debates in and about Greece, and thus foster a modern understanding about the country.

A big part of Greek News Agenda are interviews: Rethinking Greece features interviews from public intellectuals about Greece and Europe and Reading Greece features interviews with Greek writers and other stakeholders of the Greek book market while Quo Vadis Europa? examines what today lies ahead for the European Union [mainly] from a Greek point of view. Other interviews series focus on Arts in Greece, Greek Cinema, Government Policies, and Greek Think Tanks. All views expressed by the interviewees are their own and do not nessecarily represent the views of the Secretariat General for Media & Communication or of the Greek governement. 

Greek News Agenda features aspire to become part of an ongoing dialogue about a country that has recently become the epicenter of multiple global crises (economic, migrant & refugee, labour) highlighting its contradictions and potential, its weaknesses and comparative advantages like its potential in human capital and R&D in a constantly changing international environment.

The Greek News Agenda Editors include:

Florentia Kiortsi (Media Editor, Filming Greece) 

Nefeli Mosaidou (Culture | Society, Arts in Greece)

Magda Hatzopoulos (Language Editor)

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Secretariat General for Media & Communication: Six foreign language websites

The Secretariat General for Media & Communication (Γενική Γραμματεία Ενημέρωσης & Επικοινωνίας - Τμήμα Ψηφιακής Προβολής και Υποστήριξης) runs six foreign language websites - namely Greek News Agenda, GrèceHebdo, Panorama Griego, Punto Grecia, GR_Aktuell and Greek Arab News.