Nick Malkoutzis is the editor of MacroPolis, an analysis service providing daily information on political, economic and social issues related to Greece. He was the deputy editor of the English Edition of Kathimerini, a leading Greek daily, betwe…

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AthensLive is a new and ambitious initiative in Greek media. It is a collaboration between Greek and international journalists, aspiring to become an independent English-speaking news portal in Greece.

AthensLive spoke with Greek News Agenda* a…

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In an interview with Greek News Agenda, Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos, founder and creative director of New Diaspora – a participatory narrative hub relevant to the current Greek migration flow, its causes, its consequences and its future – di…

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Martin Wolf
, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, distinguished author and expert on specific issues related to the developments in the crisis-hit countries of the Eurozone, was interviewed by Greek News Agenda on the current prospects of the Greek economy.   …

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