The needs for migrant integration are greater and more visible both to the Greek public and the international community, and any solutions must rely on limited administrative capacity and significant political will, according to the Migrant Integration Policy Index 2015 (MIPEX) for Greece published on June 8.

The report’s findings rank Greece 27th out of 38 countries participating in MIPEX, and its integration approach is considered “halfway favorable.”

In particular, Greece has gained 9 points overall in 2010 with 3 laws facilitating naturalization, birthright citizenship and local voting rights, marking the greatest progress of any MIPEX country at the time. In addition, Act 4285/2014 improved protection against hate speech and racist crimes. Moreover, it is noted that the Government approach to immigration is likely to change as the new SYRIZA government has promised a more humane and rational migration policy in line with its social policies.

It is noted that a bill granting citizenship to second generation immigrants was tabled in Parliament on June 5.

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