An event titled "Βetween facts and national stereotypes: reporting from Greece" focusing on the media coverage of the Eurozone crisis was organized by Analyze Greece (27.5).

The panel included Eleni Colliopoulou (Greek correspondent for AFP), Marcus Walker (Wall Street Journal’s European economics editor), Adéa Guillot (Greek correspondent for Le Monde) and Maria Margaronis, (The Nation’s London correspondent). The correspondents focused on the stereotypes involving Greeks, the framing of the Greek crisis, and attempted to explain international media coverage of Greek positions. Margaronis and Guillot argued that the Greek crisis was mainly reported as a financial crisis, underestimating its social and political aspects.

Regarding the negative stereotypes about the Greek people, Margaronis said that they have been used to make Greece the 'scapegoat of Europe' and support the continuation of austerity policies. Moreover, Walker said that stereotypes sell because 'conflict is inherently a good story'.

See also: The correspondents’ presentation videos: Marcus Walker, Maria Margaronis, Adéa Guillot, Eleni Colliopoulou