Greek wine exporters are in the process of reforming their marketing strategy in light of legislation changes ahead of the post-2015 scenario for the liberalisation of planting rights in the EU wine sector, a measure which is believed will increase wine production across the EU.

Traditionally, almost half of the Greek wine exported abroad heads to Germany (45%), but Greek exporters highlight the opportunities in expanding into the American market – now accounting for 15% of national exports - which they dub the ‘promised land’.
According to a survey conducted by the Association of Greek wine producers, eight out of ten Americans drinking wine on a weekly basis said that they are familiar with Greek labels and 14% answered they had tasted Greek wine within the month asked. Wine experts (sommeliers, wine bloggers and connoisseurs) say that Greek wine is competitive because it offers good quality at a reasonable price. However, as the president of the Association, Aggelos Rouvalis says “Quality is not enough to satisfy global consumers. They search for authenticity and unique features. Greek wine can gain a comparative advantage on that”.

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