• Introducing the KNLs
They call themselves the KNLs. Maria and Danai Kanellopoulou are two young fashion designers who wish to teach us that style is a family business and not necessarily an expensive one. Two years ago, they set up their own business and now, the KNLs collection can be found in Parisian boutiques. “Since the beginning, we focused on promoting our products through social media. Marketing rules and branding have changed; a designer can become established faster than before,” say the Kanellopoulou sisters.

The KNLs cooperate with stylists and fashion bloggers while they benefit from their studies in business economics. “We also experiment with digital printing. First we design on paper and the computer digitises the pattern so to be printed on the fabric…”

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  • Diamonds are Forever
Fourth-generation jeweler Ourania Vourakis takes an optimistic view of the future. Having passed all her childhood in the family business and studied gemology in Great Britain, she is now ready to leave her personal mark on the Vourakis brand, one of the oldest houses in Greece and jeweller of royal families. “The older generations established the reputation, it is up to us to add creativity and inspiration,” says Ourania Vourakis. I am off to a new start, the lucky charm I designed this year is a spider’s web because it symbolises the meticulous work of creation”.

The veteran jewelry designer of the family, Liana Vourakis partnered with fashion designers Zeus +Δione to create an exclusive capsule collection of jewels, named Greek treasures which is inspired by the Mediterranean culture and Greek heritage. The Vourakis house was established in 1926 in Athens.

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