Greece is hosting the 2015 European Maritime Day (EMD).

Launched in 2008, the European Maritime Day is traditionally celebrated annually across Europe on May 20 to raise the visibility of maritime sectors and support an integrated approach to maritime affairs. The city and port of Piraeus will be at the heart of the European celebrations this year.
  • Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum
On May 26 - 27, Piraeus welcomes the 3rd Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum. The two-day event provides a unique platform to evaluate new investment opportunities in the industry.  

In particular, the Cruise sessions focus on the European cruise market growth and demand. The yachting sessions will evaluate what it takes for the sector in Greece to keep up with the consistent growth at a European level. The exhibition will provide the ideal marketing platform and finally, B2B Meetings will be conducted as usual, for the first time including the European F&B Cruise Ship supply industry. In the previous edition, the event attracted 650 participants and 32 exhibitors from 25 countries.
  • Conference on the role of ports & coasts
On May 28 and 29, the city will hold a conference on the role of ports and coasts as gateways to maritime growth. Moreover, on May 30-31, Piraeus will host an exhibition and a series of public happenings at various locations, celebrating its rich maritime history and culture. Apart from its modern shipping activities, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the archaeological sites and the industrial monuments of the city. Indoor and outdoor activities include : excursions, live performances, music events, marine sports, and sailing around the coasts. Local restaurants will provide special menus with local seafood and wine.
  • Piraeus Port
Piraeus is one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. It reached its peak in the 5th century BC as a port of Athens and main commercial center. Piraeus port now ranks 43rd among the world’s largest and among the top 10 European. It is the first port in Europe in terms of passenger traffic (20 million annually).