If you happen to be in Thessaloniki and too tired to even browse through online guides, a simple photo of the place you are standing is enough to give you all the information one may need. This is thanks to an app created by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Department of Informatics), which focuses on receiving as much information the mobile device can get, offering tailor-made suggestions on how best to enjoy the city. "Using a system called Atlas, which uses algorithms for fast geo‐aware social media tagging and annotation, we can retrieve and recommend geo‐aware multimedia information," says the head of the project behind this app.

For example, when a tourist takes a picture of the city’s landmark, the White Tower, the app will provide information about where to eat in the area, how to move on to the next monument, pictures of the Tower during sunset, which movies were filmed using the monument as a set and even the Greek songs which include the White tower in their lyrics! The application can be used across Greece.