An agreement between Greece and its partners has to be achieved, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said addressing the 19th Economist Roundtable in Athens, on Friday (May 15), adding that since it took office, the government has been implementing its mandate to change the country.

In his speech, “A vision for a Europe in change: 100 days in government, achievements and prospects for Greece”, the premier remarked that there was no doubt there has to be an agreement, but it would have to be mutually beneficial.

Tsipras noted that the austerity measures entailed in two bailout agreements were in effect a “conscious transfer” of the recession’s repercussions onto the backs of the middle-classes and of wage-earners.“In the years of the memorandum, inequalities skyrocketed, unemployment tripled, pensions were drastically cut. The only ones who didn’t suffer losses were rich Greeks who transferred their money abroad quickly, and continue to tax evade today,” he said.