Greece's goal is to reach an agreement with the creditors that will allow the country "to make a comeback, not a hasty patch-up job to get the next installment of loans," Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said at the 19th Economist Roundtable in Athens yesterday (15.05).

He further pointed out that Greece cannot slip back into generating primary deficits, that it must carry out market reforms or sink. He added that the state of the labour market is "pitiful" and that the country's pension system was unsustainable: "how could it be sustainable in a country where employment has shrunk so much, where the capitalisation of pension funds took such a blow with the PSI in 2012, when we have such as huge proportion of black labour...we absolutely agree on the need for administrative reforms and that the crisis has created overwhelming inequalities that are an obstacle to the social consensus needed for reform," he added.

Speaking at the same event, Alternate Minister for Administrative Reform Giorgos Katrougalos announced that the government will introduce a new assessment scheme for civil servants that would aim to improve the performance of civil servants.