In this week's Conference Calendar: Delphi Economic Forum, Athens Investment Summit, Climatherm Energy 2016, EU-MPC Energy Networking, Helexpo’s Jewelry Fair etc.


Delphi Economic Forum

The Delphi Economic Forum, titled “Outlook for Greece and the Region: Vision for 2020-2030” opens at the European Cultural Center of Delphi (25-28 February), under the auspices of Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The Forum will engage high-level representatives from the business, political and academic world, as well as other top experts in an effort to address emerging challenges for Greece, influence both national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies.

Among the issues to be discussed are the shifts in the global balance of power, strategies for sustainable development, Greece’s constitutional revision dilemmas, Europe’s migration and refugee crisis, Foreign Direct Investment and entrepreneurship, energy issues, the Greek pension system and the demographics of ageing, media and education reforms, cooperation with the Greek Diaspora, as well as extremism and populism as challenges for the future of Europe.


The Athens Investment Summit is a practitioner-oriented conference for investors, project sponsors and other actors interested in investing in Greece. Now in its sixth year of financial crisis, Greece finds itself at one of the most difficult junctures in its history. Yet, despite the negative headlines and volatile political environment, investments in Greece are gathering speed with investments in export-oriented sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing or agriculture taking place. 

The Summit comprises three related events: an Investment Conference providing a comprehensive view of the national economy and leading sectors of investment. Speakers include leading investors, company managers and entrepreneurs who report on best practices and specific investment opportunities; an Investment Exhibition showcasing projects in tourism, property, technology, agri-food and other sectors; a Match-Making Session in which pre-qualified investors and project sponsors are brought together.

The Summit takes place at the Grande Bretagne Hotel on February 26, and will be attended by 200 investors, company managers and investment specialists. 


  • The big appointment for players specializing in the energy industry is set for February 25 to 28 within the framework of the Climatherm Erergy 2016 exhibition at the Athens Expo Metropolitan Center. Professionals will have the opportunity to inform and collaborate with the thousands of trade visitors on the most current updates of the industry: energy saving, energy upgrading buildings, renewable energy, solar energy, gas, heating, ventilation, industrial refrigeration, water and economic lighting – LED.
  • The Center for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) holds an international workshop titled "Cooperation between EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries in the Energy Sector: Challenges and Opportunities" on February 22 to 23. The aim is to discuss the challenges and opportunities as well as the barriers and threats to develop cooperation in the Energy Sector between the EU and MPC countries. Exchange of information will include identification of future needs, most promising cooperation sectors, technology gaps, priority setting and funding. The workshop, which is mainly considered as a networking event, is addressed to companies, technology centers, research institutes, universities, policy makers, coordinators of respective projects, SMEs representatives.

Jewellery, Delicatessen and Bakery Affairs

The Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center-Helexpo hosts the Ellinon Kosmima, Detrop and Artozyma international exhibitions on February 26-29.

  • The Hellenic Jewellery Fair is the largest international exhibition of the jewellery sector in Greece. It provides the framework for the most important annual meeting of jewellery professionals for the Spring/Summer season. Participants include manufacturers, workshops, designers, importers and representatives of jewellery and watch brands.
  • Detrop Boutique is a delicatessen affair that showcases the best delicacies and related products of Greece that reflect superior quality and best production methods. During Detrop Boutique, the special section Cheese n’ Wine will be held, focusing on cheese and wine producers.
  • The dynamic comeback of the international fair for bakery, confectionery, machinery, raw materials, equipment and ready-made products, ‘ARTOZYMA’ – last held in 2010 – responds to the increased needs of domestic bakery and confectionery companies, in order for them to create channels of cooperation with the neighboring Balkan countries.